Stefan Westling

Born in Vänersborg, Sweden.

Lives and works in Karlstad, Sweden.


If the image has been Stefan Westling's most important communication channel through life, painting has been his big love. Now he has returns to it after years of artistic silence.
From an earlier muffled and slightly heavier expression, it is a playful and colorful painting that meets the viewer. The powerful expression consists, but is lifted by a curious investigation at both macro and micron level. Not even the complex nature of the big global environmental issues succeed in suppressing the sheer joy of living and painting. In this joy there is an interesting tension between the expressive nonfigurative and an almost illustrative exploration of strict geometric shapes.

Stefan Westling was born in 1968. He has shown his art in several exhibitions, manage a gallery and worked as a director and curator at Kristinehamn Museum of Art.

stefanwestlingart@gmail.com SverigePlayful and colorful paintings and prints

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